Aerospace Education

CAP squadrons, groups, wings, and regions will have an internal AE program promotes AE and STEM to our members, cadets and seniors.  The internal AE program promotes and educates CAP members on the importance of aviation, aerospace, cyberspace and STEM.  It also provides resources to increase CAP members’ basic aerospace knowledge of these important topics.  AE’s internal program contains many components, such as products, programs, and resources that can be used to educate and train CAP members to expand their knowledge of aerospace, cyberspace, and STEM, within Florida Wing Group 7.

CAP SER Aerospace Education 
CAP Regulations

Aerospace Education Staff

 Internal AE Officer                          External AE Officer      
 Lt Col Mario Baldatti, CAP                            Maj Kevin J Simon, CAP    
 Master Rating                                     Senior Rating    
        (305) 491-4271                                             (786) 281-9860